401(k) Plan

The Petco 401(k) Plan helps you build financial security for your future.

As a Petco partner you are eligible to contribute to the Plan the 1st of the month after completing 6 months of service and 500 hours. You also must be at least 21 years of age. Upon eligibility, Fidelity Investments will send you an enrollment email to your work email on file. If you do not have a work email, an enrollment postcard will be mailed to your home address.

Watch a 401(k) Plan Overview recorded webinar.

Your contributions Direct Link

You may contribute a portion of your pay (up to the 2023 IRS annual limit of $22,500) to your 401(k) account. If you are 50 years of age or older in 2023, you are eligible to make an additional $7,500 in "catch-up" contributions.

Your contributions are not taxed until they are taken out of the plan, which means you have less current taxable income. You may change, stop or start your contributions at any time by contacting Fidelity. You are always 100% vested in your contributions.

You may roll over your account balance from a prior qualified retirement plan to this Plan. Contact Fidelity at 800-835-5091 for information.

* Contributions for highly-compensated partners (as defined by the IRS) may be lower due to IRS testing.

Petco contributions Direct Link

Hourly and Salaried Partners: Petco Matches 100% of the first 1% that you contribute, plus 50% of the next 5%. Meaning, if you contribute at least 6% you will max out the Petco match at 3.5%!

Directors and Officers*: Petco matches 100% of the first 1% that you contribute, plus 50% of the next 2%.

*Contributions for highly-compensated partners (as defined by the IRS) may be lower due to IRS testing.

Vesting Direct Link

You are always 100% vested in employee contributions. Any Petco matching contributions you receive will vest over a three-year period. If you leave Petco before you are fully vested (3 years), you will only retain the percentage of employer matching contributions listed below:

Years of ServicePercent Vested

Investments Direct Link

You can choose from a variety of investment funds to build your portfolio or select a Fidelity Lifecycle Fund which is a blend of stocks, bonds, and short-term investments in a single fund based on the year you plan to retire. You may change your investments at any time on the www.netbenefits.com website or by calling Fidelity at 800-835-5091.

Plan distributions Direct Link

When you leave Petco, you may roll over your vested account balance to an IRA or another employer’s qualified plan, or receive your distribution in cash, subject to applicable taxes.

401(k) Plan Default Investment and Fees & Expenses Notice

To view the Default Investment and Fees & Expenses Notice, click here.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Information

To view the QDRO information, click here.

Manage your Account Online or by Phone

Once you have signed up for the 401(k), create an account on www.netbenefits.com.

Log in to your Fidelity 401k account at any time to make changes to your contributions or investments. You can also call Fidelity at 800-835-5091.

The plan number is 49089.